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Oriental and Decorative Area Rug Buying Tips

Why Purchase an Area Rug?

  • A Rug can open a closed space with the use of lighter colors and simple patterns.
  • An area rug can make a room appear more cozy by selecting deeper colors and more intricate patterns
  • A rug can highlight an existing floor pattern by focusing the eye to a particular part of a room.
  • A well placed area rug can hide a worn spot in an otherwise good carpet
  • A finely made area rug is an investment as well as a decoration. Properly cared for it can appreciate in value

Viewing rugs online helps in showing styles and might give you decorating ideas but when the time comes to making a purchase but there is no substitute for seeing the quality workmanship and running your fingers over the rug in person.

Often online pictures will distort a rug's true colors and sheen. Rugs have a nap. The direction of the nap will change the perception of color making a rug look lighter or darker depending on which direction it is viewed from. Viewing a rug in person is not an option. It is imperative.

We have a unique inventory that contains a large collection of one of a kind pieces and contract rugs offered in many sizes. We represent many of the finest rug suppliers such as Samad, Bohkara, Mer, Home Dynamax and Oriental Weavers to name just a few.

Online vs In-Store purchase

While internet prices may at first look inviting, when shipping is taken into consideration, they will often exceed what a rug would have cost if purchased locally. In addition, locally purchased products come with services unavailable with an internet purchase such as the ability to inspect the quality of a product before your purchase. At Tiftickjian you can even try before you buy.

Other services we provide include a free room evaluation to help you determine the correct size rug for your room. We make sure the pad you purchase matches your new rug and expected room traffic extending the life of your new rug. We also offer professional cleaning and rug repair services.

Tiftickjian's offers quality rugs at an affordable price and professional rug cleaning and repair services to keep your purchase looking like new.

What to look for when purchasing your rug

  • Look closely at how the rug lies. Is it flat? Are there ripples or wrinkles? Do the ends curl up?
  • Think about what materials were used in the rug's construction. Rug fibers have varying attributes. Select the material that makes the most sense for where the rug will be placed in your home.
  • Select a rug with the right balance between dye color and shine for it's eventual location in your home.
  • If it's an antique rug that you are purchasing, what is it's condition. Rips, holes, and worn spots lower the value of the rug.
  • Look at the back of the rug. Weaving, foundation and pile are critical to a rug's longevity and future value.

Tiftickjian Rugs is often asked to view the room and offer our advise to customers. Room size, usage, furniture arrangement and traffic patterns must all be considered when selecting your rug.

Come view our vast selection of decorative area rugs. We have a complete range of sizes in stock from 2x3 to 12x18, including stair runners, runners, ovals, and rounds. Rugs are our only business. Tiftickjian Oriental Rugs is not a self-serve store. Educating our customers is our goal. Knowledge of our products will help you make an informed decision. When our customers feel they've made the right decision on their rug purchase then we will have done our job well.

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